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As I described in my previous blog, I am on a journey: An exploration of the creative process through movement, meditation and art. I ask myself a lot of questions: ''What is creativity? What does it mean to live a creative life? How are creativity and consciousness connected to each other?''

According to iconic filmmaker, writer and Transcendental Meditation Warrior David Lynch, they cannot be seen separated from each other. As I practice(d) transcendental meditation myself, I am very curious what he has to say about it and I might share my own experience with this practice later on. For now this article explains why the toilet cleaner can be an artist, how to catch little purple fishes with blue fins and speckling eyes and what other smart sounding stuff as the unified field, quantum physics and transcendental meditation is about!



Those who don’t know, don’t know, those who know, enjoy. - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

When you transcend your mind, you go beyond thoughts; you experience pure conscious, dynamic silence. When you come out of it, the splash of that dive is experienced as bliss. What is bliss? Bliss is intelligence. Bliss is love and energy. You feel it as intense happiness.

Idea development

Ideas. We are nothing without ideas. A desire for an idea is like a bat on a hook. But just as when you are fishing, you have to be patient. Another word for desire is focus. Thoughts come and thoughts go, just like daydreaming.

And then BOOM: focus, an idea comes in. That is so thrilling! You caught a little purple fish with blue fins and speckling eyes. And this fish could be just a fragment of the whole idea. Now that you have that fish, you have an even more powerful bat and more fish will start to swim to it. And ‘the thing’ will start emerging, like a concept, script or project.

And along the way you stay open cause ‘the thing’ isn’t finished until its finished. There can be happy accidents. You think: ‘how did I get so lucky to get this idea? I thought this idea was already complete! This is beyond the beyond, beyond what I could ever have imagined! Eventually you get the ideas and fragments of ideas, thoughts and feelings organized in a script and then you translate those ideas to cinema/books/plays/organisations/brands/companies.

And don’t walk away from any element of ‘the thing ’until it feels completely correct, because its build out of many, many elements. Stay true to the idea and then you will have an idea of the whole working….

The human mind will not be confined to any limits – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Unified field

We see surfaces of all kind of materials everywhere. About 300 years ago scientists started asking what is this wood/metal exactly made of? They started to look into it and discovered molecules. And when they went deeper, they discovered atoms. Even deeper they found electrons and neutrons. The deeper and deeper they went, the smaller and smaller they found. They found four forces. On a deeper level the four became three. And on a deeper level the three became two. And then about 30 years ago, modern science, quantum physics discovered the ‘unified field’: The unity of all the particles and all the forces of matter of creation.

No- thing

Not only did they discover the unified field, they also discovered that everything that is a ‘thing’, emerges from this field of ‘no- thing.’ Unmanifested. It is ‘no- thing’, but all things come from it. Everything that is a ‘thing’ has emerged from this field of unity. It’s oneness. The scientists knew this existed but they couldn’t get there. It is the unmanifested. You can’t walk into this field. But any one of these scientists could practice the technique transcendental meditation.

Transcendental meditation and creative intelligence

You are giving a mantra: This mantra has a very specific sound vibration. Very specific, though, it needs to be life supporting on all deeper levels. Mahari gives that specific mantra. It’s the key that opens the door; the mantra turns the awareness of the mind within. You naturally dive into it. Why is it naturel? Each deeper level of the mind and intellect has more happiness, and the deeper levels of mind and the deeper levels of intellect correspond to deeper levels of matter. At the border level of intellect you transcend. Transcend is the key word. It means to go beyond. You go beyond the field of relativity, duality and experience oneness.

A way to understand consciousness is to take it away. If there wasn’t consciousness we wouldn’t exist and even if we did, we wouldn’t know about our existence. It’s the ‘I am ness of life’. It is the life itself.

Tied to this consciousness is creative intelligence. When you experience and enliven this level, this ball of consciousness will not stay the same for the rest of your life, it is always expanding. So day-by-day you are growing creative intelligence. And the more this ball is expanding, the more you will own your sub consciousness.

Creative Intelligence can’t life in a negative emotional environment

They say negativity is just like darkness. Then understand that darkness isn’t really anything. It’s the absence of something. Negative emotions as stress, anxiety, sorrow, anger, hate and fear can’t live in the light of this consciousness.

Think about it; isn’t it true that the more you suffer the less you want to create? When someone is truly depressed, they cannot even come out of bed, let alone create. When someone is truly angry, it occupies the whole brain. It poisons the environment wherein creativity breeds.

Negativity is just the absence of powerful bliss, love, energy, dynamic peace, harmony and coherence. You enliven on that en negativity lifts away; it simply can’t exist in that life. So does it really matters how dark the night has been? Automatically, without trying, the sunlight removes the darkness as it starts to shine. Sunlight doesn’t remove negativity, but the light of unity removes negativity just like sunlight removes darkness.

What your doing is unfolding the potential of your beautiful being. Firmly established in the self.

Wise is he who enjoys the show offered by the world. – Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese Poet 1888 -1935

The toilet cleaner is an Artist

Everyone is an artist in his or her own way. Let’s take the toilet cleaner as an example. You might think he has the most horrible job in the world. But when the toilet cleaner starts building up this inner happiness and start living from this joy, he might gets into the beauty of cleaning. It opens him up to the field of creativity; he invents a new brush, and pretty soon more people are getting enthusiastic about it. He finds happiness in his work and his boss takes notice. He invites him home for dinner and gives him a rage, which makes the toilet cleaner even happier.

A failure is a big big sadness and a horror. But the good thing is, there is nowhere to go but up after a failure. There is no way you can lose more. Therefor failures are incredible: it’s a freedom. You can only gain after a failure.

A success is very beautiful. But soon you start thinking: ‘O my god, what if I fall? The next thing I create must be very, very, special or the whole thing will crumble.’’ You will get tense and you start worrying. A success turns out to be a nightmare. All things have the good and the bad.

Watch the documentary yourself here!

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