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FEATURE || Brand strategist and graphic designer at Hack of Community for Hackmasters.  

Are you looking for someone to create a visual brand strategy? 

Yes please, My cup of tea. I find it a fantastic challenge to design individual graphic elements that all together form a perfect harmony. How to stay consistent within your house style is described in a Brand Book.

That massive text you need to somehow look inviting to read?

Yeah, I’ve got that too. When I design flyers/ cards/banners/magazines/books I make sure to create a balance of content-focused layout and a clean, professional look that just feels right, even within the smallest details.

Documentary style photography to promote your NGO? 

Professional photo's of your event, space or crew?

I make sure to catch the vibe you want to share on your social media channels. 


I won't rest until the total picture is perfect. I make locations , spaces and (film)sets look fabulous. I design, plan and create from A to Z.

Office spaces - homes - weddings

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