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Lynn listens well to your wishes, is very creative, has an artistic point of view and makes beautiful photo's on top of that. I can recommend Lynn to everyone.

Nadieh Peh, project manager ROB Nijmegen

Lynn has been able to translate my wishes and vision very nicely into a unique house style. The result is very outspoken. The combination of bright colours and sleek graphic shapes and fonts created a beautiful style. 


Although our communication went through Skype and email I have not been bothered by the lack of a personal approach. During our first few Skype conversations, she really took the time to immerse herself in my company, mission, vision and wishes for my new corporate identity.


She was open to process my feedback, but was also not afraid to give her own opinion.. Very nice! Last but not least I have been helped by thinking along about how this new house style can be implemented on my new website. I am super satisfied and I can recommend her to everyone who is looking for a unique, beautiful and tailored fitting house style and advice.

Milou van Aal, founder & owner HealthiNut 

Thank you Lynn for creating this beautiful logo. 

Lynn quickly understood what message and vibe I wanted toexpress with my project. Her enormous creativity, sharp intuition and transparent communication make me definitely recommend her as a designer.

Kim Meeuwissen, Founder and director of Vibeboosters

 It was very nice and smooth to work with Lynn. She was recommended by a friend, and immediately on the phone I met someone very sensitive and attentive to the details that make all the difference ! She understood very quickly the vibe of my business and created something really perfect ! She was always answering emails and questions very soon. I’d work again with her and recommend her work!

Candice Barbé, Founder and director of Yoga@Office

I have been working with Lynn for years now, and wow, it’s good! I find it very challenging to explain a visual concept that only exists in my mind. Especially to someone that is not involved all the time. 

Though Lynn always knows how to translate the visual idea, and often even better! I appreciate our collaboration and I hope we will continue it for a long time!

Marinka Oostveen, Founder & owner MOOST wanted

Lynn clearly demonstrated a unique ability to learn complex tasks rapidly while always striving to develop further, and taking the initiative to get to the end-goal. Her efforts within Digital Marketing enabled Universum to succeed further in both B2B lead generation and B2C engagement generation. 

Furthermore, she possesses an optimistic, energetic, and humble attitude and it is a genuine pleasure to work with her.

Without Lynn's tremendous impact, the digital marketing framework at Universum would look a different today.

Marcus Molin, Digital Marketing Manager Universum Group 

Lynn is a fabulous creator. My experience with her is that she connects with you as a person and sees all your wishes.

Lynn helped me out with my logo and made a perfect design that fits like a glove. It's more than a logo, it's a reflection of me and my business, because she asked me the right questions about what I want to achieve with my company and which message I want to spread. I really liked her positive energy and input during the proces. Thanks again Lynn!


Lucia Muller, founder and coach at

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