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I take on new projects starting from March 2022.

Yes, I want to  leave stiff and commercial tools behind and bring my vision to life.


Hi! Im Lynn Vullings. I value beauty and authenticity and find deeper meaning in design. Since a young age I noticed how shapes, sounds, colours and materials influenced my mood. This understanding drove me to study branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The underlying psychology of design is what has working in the field of interior planning & styling, visual brand identity design and webdesign. 

My designs will make you feel proud and aligned with your visual appearance. Because... let's be honest, who doesn't want that?

The bonus is that you connect automatically with a community that resonates with your message. In this way the branding comes from the inside out, and not the other way around.


Lynn was recommended by a friend, and immediately on the phone I met someone very sensitive and attentive to the details. this made all the difference.

— Candice Barbé, Yoga office


Her enormous creativity, sharp intuition and transparent communication make me definitely recommend her as a designer.

Kim Meeuwissen, Vibeboosters


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